Why Choose Jhoomarwala Shambhavi Lights?

  1. We have the Most Exclusive Lighting Collection hand picked from across the world.
  2. We have Technically Superior and Dedicated service team.
  3. We provide AMC lighting service solution and send trained electricians for installations.
  4. We are proud to be associated with the best of the brands in the World.

At Jhoomarwala Shambhavi Lights, the team collaborates with architects, designers, and household owners to customize and create stylish, unique lighting solutions for modern living.

Jhoomarala Shambhavi Lights take pride in themselves as the finest boutique strategically located at the heart of the Bhopal City (New Market). This state of the art showroom has a vast collection to showcase our range of products thereby offering clients an advantage to choose from different brands under one roof.

At Jhoomarwala Sambhavi Lights, we strive to offer you the lighting to suit your specific needs to illuminate the specific space whether it may simple yet elegant interiors or the lovely outdoors, the warm bathrooms, the lush gardens, it may be any place ,we have the exquisite collections to enhance your desired place and to fulfill your dreams – step into the brighter side of life

Director Message

Vision & Mission

Mr Nitin Sahu,
Jhoomarwala Shambhavi Lights, Bhopal


To make Bhopal Largest showroom and to showcase the best of the world’s lighting under our roof and in turn give the best lighting solutions to our beloved customers.


To bring maximum awareness among people about the importance, the necessity and the benefits of lighting in every given space whether it’s home, Office, Showrooms, hospitality, industries, outdoors …. the mission is to make people understand about the beauty called LIGHTING.


To create a Lighting Institute and academy where we can teach, groom, enhance and develop world class Lighting Designers.